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Gareth Davies


Hi, my name is Gareth and I'm a Digital Creator and Educator based in London.


My love for photo and video began with street, architecture and sunsets. Being surrounded by a city like London, it wasn’t hard to notice the aesthetic potential and its effortless beauty. This subsequently evolving my interest in capturing people by shooting portraits.

After working for many well-known brands and consequently helping them expand their online presence and having return customers such as Adobe, Equinox and Xiaomi amongst others, my specialisation in photography became more of a social media branding expert role. From then on, I began working as a Brand Strategist for many of these brands as well as individuals.

I now pride myself in creating content for brands and individuals to help enhance their business, reach and social media presence.​

I have grown my social media following organically and have gained an audience that has resulted in me working with brands such as TikTok, Adobe, Bentley Motors, Converse, Xiaomi, Nikon, Swatch, Columbia EU and multiple mainstream music artists.

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